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FoodFacts-Allergy, Weight Loss

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FoodFacts-Allergy, Weight Loss

Even though more than 60% of an American diet is comprised of processed food, most people have a hard time navigating the food labels on the products they are purchasing. Too often ingredients in foods are difficult to pronounce, let alone understand. And with over 30 million people suffering from food allergies, more than ever consumers need to avoid products that are harmful to their food allergies and sensitivities. The Food Facts App aims to show you what’s really in the food you are eating. We break down ingredients and relate them to food allergens to give people total food transparency.

How It Works:

-Browse categories or utilize the search to find products you are consuming and see a detailed product view of each food.
-Each product detail contains:
-the Nutrition Fact Panel for each food
-the number of ingredients in each food
-the allergens attached to ingredients in each food
-our patented Food Facts Food Score (the only patented food score in existence) that rates food from A to F. “Things to Know” tells you why we rate them the way we do.

**Please note that our newest version of the Food Facts App is a pared down version of the previous app and does not contain all of the prior elements. As we restructure the app, we are working hard to bring even more insight and exciting features to help you navigate food. We have some exciting features that we are working on and appreciate your patience and support.
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