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Food Timer For Kids

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Food Timer For Kids

Dear parents!
Sometimes kids are very stubborn, especially if they deal with having meals, aren't they? "I won't eat this soup! I want sweets instead!" - claims your bairn. What would you do in this situation? Don't panic and stop shouting at your kid! Use Food Timer For Kids and make your breakfasts, lunches and dinners pleasant: watch your naughty baby eating with their new friends - funny monkey, stripy tiger, chubby elephant and many others! We are sure your kid will get a lot of positive emotions and, what is more, finish his or her soup without any inducements.

How to use?
Let your kid select the animal they want to share their eating time. Watch them eating together! You'll see it's easy and fun!

Food Timer For Kids features:
- Extremely effective way to make your kid eat the meals they don't really like;
- Bright characters and funny animations;
- Your baby's going to have porridge for breakfast? Let's give this funny monkey porridge too! Watch them eating together!
- BONUS #1: read the information about the importance of chewing well while having meals;
- BONUS #2: you'll have a timer that counts how many "chews" your kid did.
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