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Food and Symptom Log

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Food and Symptom Log

Fast and streamlined app for logging foods and symptoms from your phone or Apple Watch.

Keep a log of what you eat and adverse symptoms you experience easily.

Log a food or symptom in just two taps. An easier process means a more accurate log of your diet and symptoms.

This app comes without any built-in foods or symptoms. Since you build your own list, you only pick from foods you eat and symptoms you experience.

Swipe on any logged entry to remove it if you've made a mistake. Swipe on a food from the food screen, or a symptom from the symptom screen to delete it from the app and history entirely.

Print or email your log as a list of the date and time of each food you ate and symptom you experienced.

This app does not count calories.
It does not help you stay on a diet.
It does not analyze your food log for correlations or diagnoses.
It does make the process of keeping a log of what you eat and adverse symptoms you experience trivially easy.
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