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by SK
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by SK
It is the Twitter client which specialized in a user's followed-up inspection.
1. Display the number of non-読 affairs on a follow icon list.
When follow carries out a new murmur, the number of cases is displayed on the badge of an icon list.
2. Display the new murmur number on the badge of an application.
Even if it has not started the application, it checks in an order from a top, and a new murmur of the follow put in order in favorite order will be displayed on the badge of application, if there is a murmur.
OS learns the optimal interval predicted from the user's action pattern, and tie ミンング to display sets it up.
3. The user who has followed up can be rearranged.
A murmur of follow can be checked by arranging in favorite order in an instant.
And it moves, or after edit button depression, it can carry out the tap of the icon and it can move it to the top. [ rearrangement ] [ an icon ] [ long ]
4. If follow with the number of non-読 affairs is chosen, a color takes lessons from the tweet of a tweet screen, and the amount of non-読 understands.
Moreover, the reply number to the tweet is known.
Furthermore, the tweet of a reply can be seen if the tap of the reply number is carried out.
If the tap of 5 and the tweet text is carried out, a reply, retweet, and a quotation tweet can be performed.
6. If the tap of the icon is carried out by tweet list, it will change to the user's tweet list.
Then, follow release can newly be followed up and carried out.

[Apple Watch]
1. And anyone who follows you when you launch the app, and then displays the unread count.
2. When you tap the user, it displays the tweet list.
3. If you tap its tweets to display the full text and images, and the like.
4. When the user you are to follow was a new tweet, it displays the tweet list of follow-up on the screen.
5. Also I will display the beginning of the follow-up of the unread count and icons to glance.

* Nothing is displayed even if it will start an application, if there is no Twitter account.
It can ask for access to Twitter account.
Account is used in order to obtain the information on follow.
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