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Are you often busy at work and exhausted at the end of the day?
Are you often too focused on work and forget to take a break?

Try this timer designed for concentration! It can help you arrange the interval between work and rest, so that you can maintain efficient work while not forgetting to take a break.

The main function:

- Regular rest reminder
- Scheduled work reminders
- Customize rest duration and working duration to suit your work habits

Review your work
- Customized labels for clear review
- Working time statistics to help you review the work of the day and month

- Desktop widgets
- Lock screen widget
- Support small plug-ins for both MAC and iOS platforms

Data synchronization
- iOS、WatchOS and macOS platforms are synchronized, so you can still work without your phone
- iCloud auto backup data is more secure

White noise and alert sounds
- Play white noise for work
- Multiple optional reminder sounds

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