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Focus Space

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Focus Space

Welcome to Focus Space: powerful, yet remarkably simple and minimalistic Pomodoro focus timer and time/task manager.

**Work smarter**
Focus Space is based on the Pomodoro method. Scientific research says that it can dramatically improve your productivity if done properly.

**Boost concentration and productivity**
Stop multitasking. Keep your tasks inbox lean and mean and focus on what’s the most important.

**Be more efficient**
Create and stick to the routine. Track your progress over time.


*Customizable Pomodoro focus timer*
The Pomodoro technique is a great way to keep you focused especially when you feel like procrastinating.

*Tasks Inbox*
Prioritize, organize and balance the workload with Tasks Inbox. Sync tasks with the cloud and between your devices.

*Productivity Analytics*
Get a clear picture of how well you’re staying on track and analyze your advancement over time. Sync your progress with Apple Watch.

*Audio Scenes*
Choose from a variety of sounds to create a perfect atmosphere for your focus sessions.

Challenge yourself by participating in the ranking.

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