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Focus Mate

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Focus Mate

Ever find yourself without an assistant sitting at the console during focus? Don't want to take your phone or iPad out when up a ladder or on a catwalk? Now you can control your ETC EOS or HES Hog 4 console with just your voice from your Apple Watch.

You can dictate full sentences, like you would to an assistant, and Focus Mate will do its best to execute what you dictate.

Example phrases include:
"123 and 126 at 50" will do what you expect
"Group 6 by themselves" will execute 'Group 6 RemDim"
"201 through 206 minus 204 home" will put all those channels back to their home preset.

For convenience, also included is a basic keypad remote for iPhone.

The app also includes support for presets, palettes, sneaking, macros, subs, addresses, and cues on EOS, and clearing, palettes, and intensities on Hog, with support for more coming soon.
Alex Forey