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Focus Habit

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Focus Habit

◆ Stay focused and develop habits.

Focusing makes us more efficient and good habits make our lives happier.

Whether at work or at school, when you want to improve efficiency, focus can often get half the result with twice the effort. Focusing on what you expect will certainly make a difference.

The reason why a person is excellent is because there are excellent habits behind it. Many times, we can't see how powerful the habits are, but at the critical moment we will understand the power of habits.

Focus Habit is carefully designed with focus, habit, and to-do modes, so you can see at a glance the daily focus, habit, and to-do situation, allowing you to develop focus and good habits in a more targeted way.

◆ What are the features of Focus Habit?

- Widgets: Support iOS 14 to add widgets to your desktop
- Focus: Create a focus plan with a frequency of daily, weekly, weekly x days, monthly x days
- Focus statistics: study, work, exercise, reading, different categories of clear focus time
- Focus countdown: choose a focus duration of 5-180 minutes and choose different sound scenes to start focusing
- Habits: create good habits to be cultivated with a frequency of daily, weekly, x days per week, x days per month cycles
- Habit statistics: the number of days each habit has been completed and the percentage of pie charts for each habit at a glance
- Habit log: you can choose different Emoji emoji and support uploading pictures
- Today's to-do list: You can create a to-do list with repeating frequency
- Customized bottom bar: Focus, Habits, and To Do bottom bar can be swapped
- Data backup: automatic data backup in the cloud, multi-device synchronization
- Data export: Expense to export focus and habit data in CSV format
- Focus/habit reminder: Timed reminder according to the created reminder time
- Privacy protection: Password lock to protect your private data

◆ My website

Code Power Studio:
(Occasionally share various resources of product/design)
Code force all open resource site:
(Product/designer/independent developer's resource library)
Code force all open university hall:
(Cultivation courses for independent developers)

◆ Contact me

Your suggestions are vital to us, any questions and suggestions, write in the comment section or contact me.

E-mail: [email protected]
Microblog: @Larry_Dev
Zhihu: @Larry
Twitter: @Larry

About the subscription service of Focus Habit Premium

The service is a subscription-based fee service, you can choose to use the service on a yearly or buyout basis.

The premium version (per year) is a subscription-based fee service, which means you will pay in advance for future subscription usage. Currently you can choose to use the service on a yearly basis. Towards the end of each subscription cycle, your subscription will automatically renew by default, unless you cancel the automatic renewal yourself, or we cancel the service.

- Fees.
We currently offer a standard service price for the service of ¥12 per year with a ¥30 buyout, which is subject to change during promotional periods. When a price adjustment occurs, the new fee will be incurred on your next subscription cycle.

- Refunds.
Current subscriptions and one-time buyout fees will not be refundable. Please be sure to ensure that the feature service meets your needs.

- Cancellation of subscriptions.
To cancel a renewal subscription, please operate the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel by: Open System Settings - Click on Apple ID - Click on Subscriptions - Select Focus Habit Premium and cancel your subscription.

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