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Fly to Discover allow you to control your Parrot® Bebop, Bebop 2, FTD300X and Super300 thanks to fabulous functions such as:

Main features:

- Now with SKY CONTROLLER 2 support!
- PANORAMA create fabulous 360° picture with your Bebop
- MULTIMEDIA for managing your bebop memory
- VOICE CONTROL to control your bebop with your voice
- Translated in English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Romanian
- Integrated 2D simulator to fly even when the weather does not allow it. You can familiarize yourself with all the functions of FTD without reading boring manual and without having to connect your Bebop.
- Exclusive compatibility with Apple Watch! Control your Bebop with your wrist!
- Control via analog sticks for precise driving experience at all times
- Simple and intuitive graphics, cockpit customizable pull-down menus and draggable items
- Compatible with Parrot SkyController and SkyController 2
- Magnetometer calibration tool for Bebop and SkyController
- Detailed picture settings menu for optimum results
- Dynamic charts in real time: battery, altitude, speed and distance
- Photo mode (DNG, JPEG 4: 3, 16: 9, Fisheye), Video mode, Time Lapse, Photo Panoramic 360°
- Map mode with FPV box
- Localization Bebop compared to the pilot (Radar)
- Follow Me Mode (Bebop follow you at a distance and height adjustable) with block angle (Bebop follow you at the same angle)
- Orbit Me (Bebop will make a circle around you at a distance and adjustable speed)
- Flight time and time of video recording
- Return to home in case of radio signal loss or pressing appropriate button
- Selection of piloting modes: Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4
- Selection of flight parameters: maximum inclination, tilt speed, maximum vertical speed, maximum rotation speed
- Selection of banked turn
- Warning messages with vibration (optional)
- Selection of flight limits: max altitude and max distance
- Pause time before RTH
- RTH location: takeoff or pilot
- Network settings: change your Bebop name, changing country, auto or manual band (2.4GHz-5GHz), wi-fi channel with free channels and setting wi-fi password to make sure your Bebop
- Function VR with deactivation video stabilization of Pitch and Roll for a VR experience even more real
- Band, channel and name selection of SkyController
- Compatible with iOS MFi Bluetooth Controller: Nimbus, Mad Catz, Moga rebel and others...
- Move the framing of Bebop dragging two fingers on the screen
- Automatic recording of all flights, and section to review all the details
- Function Find my drone, in case you lost your drone you can easily find it again with this function
- Successfully Tested with wi-fi extender
Stefano Russello