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Flying Notes

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Flying Notes

Flying Notes is an application that allows you to take notes on your iPhone or Apple Watch at any time. You also have a shopping list.

Update the notes from both devices, these will remain synchronized in iCloud. There is the possibility to pre-record notes on the iPhone and then use them as data collection on the Apple Watch.

The notes have integration with Siri. Send a message to the app and this will make it a new note, so you can create notes from the phone or from the watch.

If you do not remember you can always call Siri and ask for help and you can see what commands you can use in the application.

You can listen to your notes on both devices.

With the shopping list you can alternate between the phone and the watch to make your list. The added products are saved for another occasion and all synchronized on all devices.

You have the option to send your notes or the shopping list using the messaging programs that you have installed on your iPhone.

You can also share the texts in other related programs that you have working on your phone.
Jose Luis Medel Grimaldi