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FLYHIGH encourages your smart cabin crew life!

- Main Features -

1. Features that manage DB of flights all over the world and provide convenient schedule input.
2. Features that update automatically for any flight changes.
3. Features that overlap and share schedules among colleagues.
4. Features that synchronize with smartwatch.
5. Features that provide useful information such as traffic, weather, alarm, exchange rate, checklist and etc.

- Introduction of the features -
Try to manage all your schedules with FLYHIGH.
From flight and personal schedule to even extra work schedule, you can easily handle them with various color and shape settings.

Let’s Invite colleagues and combine their schedule and your one with the overlapping feature, you can check each flight, layover and holiday more conveniently.
This will make it easier to check schedules with your colleagues.

- Able to ON/OFF the schedule overlapping.
- Schedules of up to 20 people can be overlapped

Also, share your flight schedules with family, friends and colleagues.
With the sharing features, you can send schedules to beloved ones.
*Export available with Image / Kakao Talk / WhatsApp / Google Calender

Surely, You can set an alarm for irregular crew roster, since you must not forget the work hours which varies for each flight!

Moreover, You may also be curious about the weather, exchange rates and latest news at your destination.
With FLYHIGH, you can find out all the information you truly need.

- to. Crew -
How are you managing your schedule?
Do you by any chance inconveniently manage your diary by hand?
And did you have any difficulties sharing the schedule with your family and friends?

FLYHIGH is here for your smart crew life!

What if the schedule could be viewed more intuitively?

You can take advantage of the smart system calendar that displays flights, layovers, holidays, and personal schedules in units of hour.

In addition, you can check various information such as exchange rate, weather and news all in FLYHIGH.

Do you have any fresh ideas or features that are more convenient?
FLYHIGH encourages your smart cabin crew life!
Do not hesitate to share your suggestions to [email protected]

Cheolung Choi