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FLYHIGH always encourage cabin crew.

▶ New feature : You can calculate the estimated salary based on the registered schedule information. And an account book that allows you to calculate exchange rates and set currencies has been added. Manage your income and expenses in FLYHIGH. A checklist function has been added to the bottom tab. In addition, with the smartwatch function, it is possible to set an alarm during flight, enabling effective time management. Existing community services will be supplemented and re-launched.

▶ Payroll calculator : You can check the estimated salary based on Duty, Extra, Layover hours. The allowance for the flight is saved after you enter only the first time.

*You can check out our Side menu > payroll calculator!

▶ Account Book : You can also add items that have been spent in local currency on layovers. If you enter in local currency, the exchange rate will be applied automatically.

*You can check out our Side menu > account book!

▶ Checklist: Everything you need to fly, plus special things to take care of. Use the checklist function.

*You can check out the bottom of the app > checklist!

▶ Smart Watch: Try linking your smart watch. Effective time management is possible by setting alarms during flight.

▶ Main Features

- Features that manage Flight schedule and personal schedule
- Features that manage DB of flights all over the world and provide convenient schedule input.
- Features that overlap and share schedules among colleagues.
- Features that synchronize with smartwatch.
- Features that provide useful information such as traffic, weather, alarm, exchange rate, checklist and etc.

▶ Only for your smart cabin crew life

Fly with FLYHIGH!
Do you have any fresh ideas or features that are more convenient?
FLYHIGH encourages your smart cabin crew life!
Do not hesitate to share your suggestions to [email protected]

We will become FLYHIGH created together with you.
FLYHIGH always supports the crew.

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We plan to provide a more detailed app service usage guide.

Have a safe and enjoyable flight today.