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Fly by Video

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Fly by Video

*** NEW *** Added the flight 3D function for videos and photos, through the use of 3D glasses, the control of the disparities and the play / stop video during 3D viewing is possible through the use of 'Apple Watch'.
During 3D viewing you can change the disparities through the use of buttons for volume control.

One of a kind, lets you fly in your videos and browse in by the iPhone's motion.
You can zoom in a video as you want continuing browsing it.
Even your photos are not the same, browse in your photos as if you were in a video.

Simple and quick, open a video or a photo from your camera roll and browse in; with videos is possible to browse in during the pause and during the play of the video.

You can create a new video recording a photo browsing, you can also record a navigation in a video, but only if it is paused.
The navigation recording feature is available with the iPhone 5S or later and iOS9 or later.