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Flos Control

by Flos
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Flos Control

by Flos
The Flos Control® app is the easiest and most natural way to control your lights. The first time use has been made easy and intuitive. Just one tap and you’ll be ready to control your lights.

Controlling all your lamps from one view:
With the Flos Control® app you can manage all your lighting fixtures with one view. It is possible to control lights individually or as a group. For example you can create a group for your kitchen, office or shop lights and turn them all off / on with just one tap. Or you can dim the living room lights until reaching a pleasant light level for a movie.

Control your lights from a photo:
The Gallery in Flos Control® app is the most natural way of controlling your lights. Take a picture of your room(s) and place the lamp controls over the lighting fixtures in the picture. Now you can control your lighting fixtures visually right from the picture.

Create scenes for different lighting situations:
You can create different scenes for different occasions. Set the lights just right for dining, office environments or shop promotions and save the settings in a scene. Now you can change the lighting with one tap for different occasions for example a dinner party or a meeting with a customer.

Share your network and allow other devices to control your lights:
Flos Control® has four different levels for sharing and access control. You can decide if your network is open to everyone or if other users need a password to access your network. If you have several users and devices using the same network, all the changes made with one device will be automatically updated to the other devices with Flos Control® cloud service.