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FlipForIt™ for Apple Watch™ is a virtual replacement for a physical coin. Made to run on the Apple Watch™. Most of us have at some point in time needed a coin to resolve a friendly dispute. We have flipped a coin to decide what movie to watch, which restaurant to visit, or who might get to sit in the front seat of the car. An Apple Watch™ app that everyone should own. Anytime there is a friendly FlipForIt app on your Apple Watch™ and end the friendly dispute. Your kids will love it.

- Apple Watch™ centric. Designed to run on the Apple Watch™.
- Captures counts from the Apple Watch™ running FlipForIt app and shows on the iPhone (supported devices). A tally is only kept for the watch app.
- Coin moves with the tilt of the iPhone.
- Simulated coin toss with random results by tapping the coin or by pressing the button.

Apple Watch™ is a trade mark of Apple Inc.
FlipForIt™ is a trade mark of MobileSandbox LLC
MobileSandbox LLC