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FlipCalc Calculator

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FlipCalc Calculator

Not a fan of watch calculators?

We don't blame you...the buttons and digits are just too darn small! FlipCalc changes all that with gigantic buttons and a huge calculator display. If you don't like the way something works, it probably has a setting you can tweak.

We've also taken the calculator UI to the next level by incorporating a natural wrist action to control some calculator features. For example, want to clear the screen? Flip your wrist forward until you hear/feel the tone. Want to see more operators? Tilt your wrist a bit, and the operator screen pops up instantly.

FlipCalc is the most configurable watch calculator on the app store. Don't like the way something looks or problem! FlipCalc has 16 settings that let you tweak and tune its operation until its perfect for you. If you think there is a setting missing, drop us an email, and we'll include it in the next build.

My apps will never contain ads, in-app purchases, trackers, or anything else you might find creepy (I hate that stuff). You are paying for a calculator, and that's exactly what you will be getting.

+ Gigantic number and operator buttons
+ 12 fully programmable buttons can be set to any operation
+ 36 programmable functions including scientific operators, Tips, conversions, and even a lotto picker!
+ 16 settings so you can tweak and tune until it's perfect
+ Unique wrist action activates some features (AC, show number pad, show operators)
Christian Haynes