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We are changing the face of aviation, one checklist at a time.

Flight Checklist makes possible new ways to manage information in the cockpit and imagine new methods of presenting checklists, nudges and prompts for safer flight. Make your flying more enjoyable and join our Human Factors revolution!

This isn’t your average list writer. Integrating images, diagrams and documents to get the information you need at the right time.

Checklists are the most vital link in the chain for flight safety and yet have remained unchanged in format for decades. Create beautiful checklists – with diagrams, pictures, documents, note taking, time stamps and traditional lists to create new ways of managing flows in normal and emergency scenarios.

Share your checklists with your friends, club members or company pilots with full version control. Even better, share your expertise with our community and help develop best practice to shape the future of the Human Factors of Cockpit Information!

Imagine a checklist that prioritises your actions in an emergency, giving you bite-size chunks to enable better prioritisation.

Ready to make a Mayday call? Tap the button and get your Mayday message guide with your location dynamically populated.

Integrate ‘gizzers’, or aide-memoire visual guides and documents, plus airfield diagrams and approach plates into your checklists or store them for easy in-flight access.

Take notes, write down clearances, record details of flights in a beautifully simple Scratch Pad and finally say goodbye to scraps of paper and those ‘loose article’ pens in the cockpit. Pull in your own templates and use them to write on. Once finished, save them, print them and share them to email or your other document storage apps.

Pebble and Apple Watch integration gives guidance for getting to your destination on time as well as nudges to remind you to carry out routine in-flight checks. Customise your notifications to display more information.
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