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The Purpose of the Application is to assist pilots in managing their flights with the greatest possible automation. It automatically recognizes departure and landing times as well as the origin and destination callsign, as well as the number of landings. Flight Time and Engine Time will be calculated automatically and displayed in decimal. It is a true assistant, which keeps all flight data available at all times. The Application also provides Course, Altitude and Speed ​​indicators at Nodes and KM / h. During the flight you will be informed how much flight time and engine time have passed. In the Summary screen, the user can view the total of each previously recorded Flights. Flight Hours, Navigation Hours, IFR / VFR Hours, Night / Day Hours, Hours of single / twin, number of flights and landing amounts will be totaled. They can be totaled overall, months, or for a defined period. You can also view all flights on the map with the route taken!

Following flight information will be recorded:
Date: Automatic
Tail number: Choose
Start: Manual
Takeoff: Automatic
Landing: Automatic
Stop: Manual
Night / Day: Choose
VFR / IFR: Choose
Pilot / Co-Pilot: Choose
Single / Twin: Choose
Flight Time: Automatic (Decimal)
Engine Time: Automatic (Decimal)
From: Automatic (Worldwide Database)
To: Automatic (Worldwide Database)
Number of landings: Automatic
Miles: Automatic
Can be controlled with iWatch.

You'll never lose Flight data again. Flight-Recorder is the first administrative tool for pilots in the form of an application.

Good flights!

The App is in Portuguese, English and German. The language can be changed in the Iphone Settings
Georg Weber