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Flight Locater

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Flight Locater

Tracking your flight is easier than ever before! With Flight Locater, you can get your flight information on your iPhone! This app allows user to search for a particular flight (DL 787/UA896) using this iOS app. In return, the user can get to know useful important information about their flight. The app displays information about the particular flight such as Flight Duration, Aircraft Model, Departure Airport info Arrival Airport info etc. It plots the entire flight path on a Map and allow the user to see the starting location and destination. When prompted for the airline callsign, the user may not know the callsign of the particular airline they are searching for (eg Callsign for Singapore Airlines is SQ), therefore the app provides them with a list of airlines callsigns, allowing the user to search for airline’s callsign with a search box.

-Displays flight departure and arrival information all in one window!
-Allows user to select their airline from a list of 1300++ active airlines!
-Allows user to view the entire flight path on Apple Maps
-Improved algorithms to determine more accurate flights
-All information retrieved are from FlightStats Web Services

However, please be warned that the information displayed may be inaccurate, so DO NOT use this app as your primary source for your flight details. Instead, refer to the information provided to you by your ticket provider or airline in case of any last minute flight changes. Always cross check information from the phone with the information from your ticket provider/airline!
Clarence Chng