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A trainer in your pocket, for free, at home or gym.

Lose Weight or Build Muscle
Or any other fitness goal
For any difficulty level
Top workout routines/plans built by personal trainers
New workouts every week
Or build your own

Our goal is to create a healthier world. Premium funds will be used to grow our team, improve the app and develop more.
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• Basic workout programs
• Build or customize your own program and freestyle workouts
• Workout guide to log and improve upon your performance each session
• View your progress and stay consistent: workout calendar, exercise stats, streak, bodyweight tracker, calories tracker, steps tracker, workout notifications

Flex Premium:
• Apple Watch app
• Unlock Premium programs
• Unlock Premium freestyle workouts
• Premium workout experience: music integration, plate calculator, etc.
• Advanced editing/building tools

Lose weight, build muscle, or achieve any other fitness goal with your own trainer in your pocket. Flex is the free, simple, and engaging app that does the planning and tracking so that you can just focus on your workouts and achieve your goals.

Hundreds of workouts and programs for you. Find and use the most effective workouts and programs designed by personal trainers, tailored to your goal and whether you workout at the gym or at home.

Forget about researching exercises, programs and keeping track of all your progress. Flex handles that and makes working out more engaging with features like streaks and progress charts.

Freestyle workouts:
Whatever your time commitment, physical goals, experience, or access to equipment, Flex has the right workouts for you. Choose any combination of equipment, goals, muscles worked or quick freestyle workouts.

Already have a fitness program you use or want to customize your own?
Edit one of our programs or build your own into Flex with the custom plan builder.

Real-Time Workout Guide:
Flex’s workout guide will lead you through your workout step by step, telling you which exercises to do, how to do them, how long to rest for optimal results and notifying you when you need to start your next set. You also have the spreadsheet view where you can fully modify your workout on the fly. Move around exercises, change exercises, add/remove sets. Control your music without leaving the app thanks to native Spotify and Apple Music integrations.

You can't improve what you don't measure. With Flex, you can track:

How consistently you’re exercising with the calendar feature
Your total calories burned daily, calculated from workouts/steps/BMR
Your bodyweight over time
Your steps with a 10k daily goal via the Apple Health integration
Your exercise progress with the exercise stats
Your workout history

An even easier way to workout with Flex Apple Watch:
Use the Flex apple watch app to log sets and complete workouts without needing to constantly check your phone. Sync your data and close your activity rings.
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