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FiveM Serverlist

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FiveM Serverlist

FiveM Serverlist for iOS brings the FiveM Serverlist to your mobile device. Whether you're a player, server administrator or both, with this app you can always check the status of any publicly listed FiveM server.

Add servers to your favourites list so you're always just a few clicks away from checking the status!

Besides some general information about each server, you'll also be able to see who's currently online on the server and instantly view their information, including things like Username, Ping, Server ID, Identifiers and (if available) the player's Endpoint.

You can also share servers with friends and open the server info in a browser.

A new Apple Watch version of this FiveM Serverlist App is now available. With this Watch App, you can view realtime statistics about (publicly listed) FiveM servers.

Disclaimer: If the FiveM serverlist API is unavailable, then the App will not work. If FiveM changes something internally that renders the currently used API useless, this App will not work. Please also note that your internet speed and device performance need to be at least half decent, otherwise the amount of data being downloaded will be too much for your device or internet to handle and the App may not load correctly.
Tom Grobbe