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Follow the massively popular Couch to 5K training programme without the burden of carrying your smartphone with FiveK. Our solution runs solely on your watch with all the great features you'd expect from the ultimate fitness companion. Following the FiveK plan will take you from absolute beginner to 5K Hero in just 9 weeks. You'll run just 3 times per week for an average of 20-30 minutes and be confident knowing that the C25K plan has helped thousands of beginners just like you to become happier and healthier.

FiveK features a beautiful pre-run breakdown that gives you an overview of the various intervals throughout your workout. Starting with a warmup and then easing into alternating periods of walking and running to build up your running ability gradually over a period of 9 weeks. Thousands of successful runners have followed the programme and haven't looked back. Each workout has built in warmup and cooldown periods to increase and decrease the intensity gradually to decrease the likelihood of injury. Got your own routine? Warmup and Cooldown periods can be toggled on and off at your choosing.

Detailed workout tracking records key metrics like distance, heart rate, pace and more so that you can dig into the details of your workout using the Fitness app. We've got you covered with outdoor runs too, a detailed route map is saved alongside your workout for viewing at your convenience. FiveK fully integrates with Apple Health meaning you'll be closing those rings and feeling great at the same time.

Throughout your workout you'll hear audio cues when it's time to alternate between walking and running as well as when you're approaching the end of your workout. Voice Coach allows you to stay focused on your form and encourages you throughout your journey with us. If you're looking for some peace and quiet during your run, you can turn Voice Coach on and off right from the workout screen.

Built in music controls allow you to listen to your favourite playlist or podcast right from within the FiveK app. Skip, pause and control the volume without interrupting your workout.

Download FiveK today for a happier mind and healthier heart.
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