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Five Adhans

by Brokoli
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Five Adhans

by Brokoli
Five Adhans app shows you the prayer times based on your location wherever you are in the world. Prayer Times app lets you follow prayer times with your mobile phone and Apple Watch.

Neat and user-friendly interface of this app allows you to get prayer-time information about your current location easily. If you wish, you can also add other cities in the world and get prayer time information about those locations as well.

Thanks to Five Adhans widget you can see which prayer-time you are currently in without the need to start the app, and also analyse how much time you have for the next prayer.

Prayer Times app allows you to set alarms to each of the prayer times. You will not miss a single prayer with the option to set alarms before or on-time for each prayer. Also, you can set a different alarm tone for each of the prayers.

Five Adhans' Apple Watch app lets you see prayer times without using your mobile phone. Also, you will be able to use the alarms you set for prayer times on your Apple Watch too. This way you will not miss an alarm even if you are away from your mobile phone.