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Fitness Manager

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Fitness Manager

The fitness app for iOS offers you all the options to make your individual workout at the gym efficient, transparent and successful. Through detailed statistics you get a comprehensive overview of your training progress and achievements. In order to optimize and complete your training successes, numerous appropriate stretching and limbering up for all parts of the body were supplemented into the fitness app.

Fitness Manager is the best workout app to support you to increase your physical fitness, your health and personal well-being simply and straightforward.

Create workout plan: The workout app can easily create and calculate appropriate workout schedules for you, which fit your measurements, condition and needs.

Manage workout plan: Design your own workout schedules according to your wishes and prospects with this fitness app. Even your personal trainer in your gym can provide workout schedules according to your needs within this app. The app offers a variety of design possibilities. Expand the standard equipment and the stretching exercises of the fitness app easily and straightforward with your own preferred fitness equipment and stretching exercises.

Exercise: Compared to other workout apps, Fitness Manager lets you track every exercise while working out. The feature of this workout app helps you to keep stick at the point if the exercise equipment in your gym is busy.

Statistics: Detailed statistics of your exercise sessions give you a quick and convenient overview of your personal training success and progress. So it is easier to work motivated and disciplined on the health of one's body. The positive effect of visibly rising curves in the different line charts will inspire your sporting ambition further and will motivate you to more and better performances. Share your workout achievements and progress with all your friends, family and the community on Facebook, and get all the support and celebration for your athletic goals.

Take a step in the right direction for your body, your health and your well-being. Stop searching for other workout apps. Get this workout app for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and Apple Watch now. Whether you are just getting started to venture into a more healthy and sporty life or if you are already an expert in physical fitness. This app can help you on your way.

Other useful features, such as backing up your training data in Google Drive, allows you even after a change of the phone, to continue improving your physical fitness and success.

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