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Fitness for Women at Home|Gym

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Fitness for Women at Home|Gym

Fitness is a personal coach to help you reach your goals anytime and anywhere, no matter your level or having equipment. Get fitness motivation and enjoy the variety of workout programs. Get fit, stay in shape, or choose targeted exercises for different body parts by browsing through the vast library with descriptions and videos to avoid injuries.

Different programs keep it fun: you can choose to do strength training at the gym, bodyweight training at home, or HIIT workouts to burn those calories. Mix it up to achieve your goal faster.

• Workout collection to train at home with no equipment using your bodyweight.
• Workouts to train various muscle groups at the gym.
• High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The app has a useful set of features to make your Fitness journey easy and fun:

• Personal coaching: voice guidance in HIIT workouts lets you stay focused to ensure that you perform exercises correctly.
• Create your own exercises and add descriptions, notes, and images.
• Create a personal training plan using the large library of exercises for different muscle groups.
• Enter weights, sets, and reps in strength workouts to keep the statistics updated.

Our team is made up of world-class sports professionals in fitness. The female experts with a training experience of over 10 years designed all exercises and programs for all levels to take the guesswork out of your fitness routine and lead you through to the specific results:

• Workouts to achieve a firm butt, toned legs, abs, and smaller waist, beautiful back, and more.
• Library of exercises for women for different muscle groups.

Fitness is integrated with the Health app so you can track your progress and fill in activity rings with Fitness. (additional permissions required).
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