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Fitness Companion

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Fitness Companion

Fitness Companion allows you to set an average heart rate goal over a minimum duration, and then coaches you through achieving the goal by either prompting you to increase your heart rate or informing you by how long you need to extend your workout by in order to achieve your goal.

In addition, Fitness Companion tracks your daily steps and allows you to set step goals and track your progress towards meeting them through notifications and complications.

This is a great companion app for anyone who is part of a rewards program that requires them to perform a minimum duration workout at a given average heart rate or requires that you achieve a certain number of steps within a day.

Never again will you complete a workout only to find that you have just missed your targeted average heart rate or will you come to the realisation that if you had just extended your workout by 2 minutes that you would have met your goal. And, never again will you realise that you have just missed your daily step goal by a couple of steps.

You can use the Fitness Companion to create workouts which will automatically integrate with the Apple Health app. Alternatively, you can use the Fitness Companion App to monitor your workouts in-conjunction with either the Apple Workout App or any other workout related Apple Watch App.

@Vitality users: use the "Active Monitoring" mode in conjunction with the Apple Workout App as Vitality will only accept workouts created through the Apple Workout App.
Sean Ulyate