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FitMate HIIT Stopwatch

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FitMate HIIT Stopwatch

Note: The app is no longer free. You will need to purchase it after trial period

Track your warmup/set/rest time, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), tabata, Time Under Tension, and other interval trainings as well as workout history:
- Custom warmup
- Custom set and rest duration (or no rest) for each exercise with duration goal
- Custom number of workout sets
- Next button to move to the next exercise if you finish the current one early or hit your duration goal
- Quantity goal and actual quantity for exercise
- Announce current time/set so you don't have to look at the screen all the time
- Circuit vs station exercise order
- Save multiple workouts for easy switching between them
- Notes for warm-up, individual exercises, warm-up histories and exercise histories
- Screen timeout disable
- Different notification sounds for set and rest time
- Workout and exercise history
- Workout and exercise progress tracking
- Silent mode settings: vibration only without notification sound
- Sync, backup, and restore your workout, exercise, and histories across devices or app re-installation
- Can run independently on Apple Watch

When you purchase the app, you can also:
- Connect to Strava to have workout histories uploaded automatically
- Play Spotify music directly from within the app
- No ads

I look forward to hear your feedback. This app is developed during free time, please be patient.

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