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MotiFIT - Workout Tracker with Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

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MotiFIT - Workout Tracker with Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Use MotiFIT on Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to take your fitness training to the next level. MotiFIT visually helps you train smarter to get exceptional results.

Using eye catching real-time graphics, the app motivates to push hard and burn calories like never before. This extra effort creates an after burn effect (EPOC) and a metabolism boost that lasts for hours after completing a workout.

MotiFIT was built for results. The creator lost over 90 lbs using the principles of this app.

Apple Watch:
- MotiFIT gives you the option to visualize your workout intensity in real-time on your Apple watch as well as on your iPhone and iPad.
- MotiFIT now reads your heart rate directly from Apple Watch for an accurate measure of your workout intensity.
- Import your old Apple Watch workouts including heart rate samples to review and analyze your past intensity and performance.
- The MotiFIT Apple Watch app automatically syncs your workouts with the app on your phone and to the cloud for easy access on all your mobile devices.

Health App Integration:
- MotiFIT automatically synchronizes your workout data with the Health App which keeps all your workout metrics and statistics organized.
- Manually Import / Export Health App workouts to review and analyze data from various compatible fitness trackers.

Voice Feedback:
- In workout live voice feedback to help you train smarter and harder.
- 100% Compatible with VoiceOver for iOS to help visually impaired individuals stay fit.

Active calories burned with MotiFIT are automatically picked up by MyFitnessPal through the Health App database.

The post workout charts are pieces of art created from your hard work. Use them to analyze all the strong and weak points of your workout so that you can come out even stronger next time.

Share your workouts via Email, CSV Format, Facebook or Twitter to help motivate your friends as well as yourself.

Caloric burn, average pulse rate and maximum pulse rate are all tracked to keep you in line with your weight loss and fitness goals.

MotiFIT is perfect to bring on a run, a bike ride, at the gym or any other type of cardio (cardiovascular) activity.

Benefits of heart rate zone training:
- Optimize trainning for specific goals.
weight loss, performance, HIIT, etc
- Prevent over training.
- Better progress monitoring.

A wide range of Bluetooth low energy (BTLE / BLE) heart rate monitors are supported for accurate live real-time heart rate readings.

Here's a sample of what users have to say
* * * * * Great tool for Apple Watch
Great integration with Health and Apple Watch. Love the ability to import my workout data from Health. Versatile app allows you to connect BLE chest strap HRM directly via app or to import that same data if it was linked to Apple watch. I've tried a bunch of apps for this and this is a great solution. Developer is also responsive to questions which is a huge plus.

* * * * * Easy to use and battery friendly
The app has everything I need : a battery friendly Bluetooth connection to a heart rate sensor, that connects quickly. It has also some handy views on past sessions. I also like the feature that reads out loud your heart rate and zone that you're working in.

* * * * * Happy!!!
Happy with it. Works great with my rhythm +. No problems with connectivity and sends my workouts to my apple health app.

* * * * * Just what I needed to keep track of my progress
* * * * * Awesome app. Awesome support.
* * * * * Love the graphs in the purchased version.

Heart Rate Monitor Compatibility:
- Apple Watch
- Polar H6, H7
- Scosche Rhythm+
- Mio Fuse, Link, Alpha, Alpha 2
- Jabra Sport Pulse
- Jarv Run BT
- Many more


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Sylvio LeBlanc

Motifit apps gives you everything you need to push your workouts to the next level. All our apps offer real-time heart rate monitoring features as well as various other visual motivation tools. Using heart rate and GPS tracking, we can measure all of your fitness metrics (Average Heart Rate, Pace, Speed, Distance, Calories, etc). If you like to know your numbers, you will love our apps.