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FITimer is an interval timer application for fitness training on mobile devices. The app has a very simple interface to quickly create custom time-based or select preprogrammed intervals. You can also create a fixed number of sets or go infinite reps. While running, the app provides an audible beep for transitioning to the next interval.
Well, you're not in it for the intervals? That's okay, we got continuous run/walk tracking too. Your workouts run in the background with music and provide you the important information of the workout including distance covered, duration, number of sets, pace, etc. as applicable. All workouts are saved in the 'History" tab, with a symbol and date that can help you find the one you are looking for.

Some of the key features of FITimer :

- A clean and easy to use interface from the start of the app, that guides the user through the application.

- Select a preset interval timer and create a custom one to personalize the interval workout to whatever you would like.

- Continuous Run / Walk option without intervals and track key workout statistics, such as distance, steps, duration, and pace.

- FITimer is equipped with beeps that can tell you when to switch the intervals, even while in the background. The beeps seamlessly mix with your music.

- After your workout is completed, FITimer keeps track of the completed workouts in the history tab and can be accessed whenever you would like.

- Background compatibility has been integrated with FITimer. It allows you to listen to your music while running or you could use other applications.

Enjoy the app!! FITimer will soon have new, exciting, and useful features!