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FitChallenge is Free for a limited time!

Make fitness a game with FitChallenge!  Challenge your gym members, friends and family to fitness activities such as Push Ups, Sit Ups, Air Squats or Burpees with FitChallenge. 

The fun of FitChallenge is that the recipient has to stop everything and do the challenge at the location they are when the challenge is received! Challenge your friends and family at work, in a restaurant or at a shopping mall. Once the challenge is completed, you can upload a photo as proof!

Each team can calculate the number of reps with a maximum of daily reps configurable per team. Don’t worry, you can limit how many challenges you receive a day such as 10 Push Ups per challenge with a maximum of 100 Push Ups per day. 

Get fit and have fun with FitChallenge!
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