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FitAnalytica is a comprehensive step counter and step tracker app for iOS. It uses advanced algorithms to track your walking or jogging with precision. You can easily share your achievements, measure walking distance, floors climbed, and calories burnt during exercise.

With the quick view feature, you can see your steps taken over the last 7 days. FitAnalytica also has a weight management module that helps you track belly fat, ideal weight, and body measurements. The companion Apple Watch app enables you to participate in live step count challenges, and track your steps, distance covered, calories burnt, and heart rate.

The app also features a walk analytics section that provides detailed graphical analysis of your walking duration, step count, distance covered, floors climbed, and active calories burnt. You can track your resting heart rate or BPM, active heart rate or BPM, and get weekly and monthly trends of your BPM. FitAnalytica even allows you to share your step count directly on social media platforms, with the option to choose background images and placement of the step count.

Whether you're walking, running, or engaging in other activities, FitAnalytica ensures that your Apple Watch and iPhone are never out of sync on step count. You can also track the number of floors climbed, measure walking distance, and calculate your total calories burnt using this step counter or step tracker app. Additionally, FitAnalytica allows you to calculate your BMI and check if you're overweight or underweight.

Advanced step counter or step tracker
Set target steps both on watch or on iPhone
Share your achievements
Measure walking distance
floors climbed
Calories burnt during walking or running
Quick view of last 7 days steps taken
Lose or gain weight with weight management module
Companion apple watch app
Live step count challenges

Belly fat tracker
Track ideal weight
Body measurement tracker

With daily or monthly record of step count, distance walked and calories burnt
Select a day to get steps taken, distance walked and calories burnt for that day
Daily average heart rate or Beats per minute (BPM)

Do you know your best ever walk?
fitAnalytica answers that as well. Which day was it? How many steps you have taken? Duration of walk and distance covered.
Get detailed info in our iPhone app using this step counter

Get summary and graphical analysis of your
Walking duration
Step Count
Distance covered
Floors climbed
Active calories burnt

Get steps count
Set target steps
Track distance covered
Track calories burnt
Track duration of activity
Track current heart rate, maximum heart rate and minimum heart rate

Track resting heart rate or BPM
Track active heart rate or BPM
Get weekly and monthly trend of your BPM
Get your target active heart rate or BPM
Get your target resting heart rate or BPM

Share directly from our app on social media platform
Option to choose background image in the app
Option to change the placement of your steps count or distance covered on the image

DoMore with fitanalytica
Track steps taken during walking or running or during virtual walk. This step tracker or step counter has auto sync features which ensures your Apple Watch and iPhone is never out of sync on step count while walking, running, jogging. It has some best features which enables you to track step count during a brisk outdoor walk or walking with your friends or with your walking group.

FitAnalytica is the best step tracker and step counter app for Apple Watch on iOS, as adjudged by our users. The app is available on both iPhone and Apple Watch, and comes with a comprehensive privacy policy that you can access at




Basabendra Chattopadhyay