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Fishing Spot

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Fishing Spot

If you have an Apple Watch, the Fishing Spot App and access to a Tinny (boat) , you have what you need to reliably return to your favourite fishing spots.

Your watch becomes a waterproof GPS navigator strapped securely to your wrist, and with just a few taps it will give steering cues to your selected spot. 

The Fishing Spot App has an Edit and Fishing mode, and can be used to share details of a fishing spot with a friend.  Edit is for preparations at home base (where you tie your rigs and clean your gear). Fishing mode gives simple, intuitive operation while you are on the water.

Edit Mode

In Edit mode you can add fishing spots, organised by fishing zone, by entering latitude and longitudes, nicknames and descriptive notes. Data is easily typed using the iPhone's Apple Watch Keyboard Input function. If you 'dropped a pin' while fishing, you can add more details or you can swipe to delete a spot if no longer wanted.

Go Fishing

When you go fishing, you simply select the spot you want to find, and follow the steering cues. From the Steering View you can also select a Map View which continuously shows your location as you track to the selected spot. If you discover a promising new spot you can easily 'drop a pin'.
John Monaghan