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Fishency transforms your smartphone or smartwatch into a powerful device to easily track and improve your fishing results. Know your data and be a smarter angler. Together we can catch more fish!


Use Your Wearable - With our patented technology you can easily record when you caught your fish and add pictures and details later.

Data Analytics - Slice and dice your data to gain meaningful insights and learn from your experience.

Know the Water - Automatically track the bodies of water you fish and even specify your favorite parts.

Haptics/Voice Prompts - It talks to you! Really.

Add/Edit/Adjust/Delete your catches - Want to fix something later and get real detailed on what you did? Keep fishing and you can add or edit whatever you like when you’re done. Just try to keep honest about how big that fish really was.

Improved User Experience - Easy just got easier. We listened to you and made a lot of the functions you use regularly even more intuitive.

We Made it Prettier - ‘Nuff said!

GPS Tracking - Accurately track your travel during your trip and know exactly where you caught fish.

Tackle Box - Know the fish you caught and what you caught them on.

Artificial intelligence - The more you use the app the smarter it gets.

Historical Data - See of all your trips and catches ​in the palm of your hand.

Insights - Analyze your data to gain valuable insight into your results and improve the success of your trips.

Pictures - Store and upload pictures of the fish you catch to keep track of those memorable moments.

Lunar Phase - The moon is known to have an effect on fishing conditions so we think you should track that too.

Weather - Know the weather conditions from your fishing trips at the exact time of every catch...including barometric pressure. It’s important and it’s just cool.

Bug fixes - We keep fixing minor stuff ‘cause we ain’t perfect either.
Fishency LLC