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First Wealth

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First Wealth

FirstWealth’s revolutionary platform allows you to manage many (30-plus) asset classes easily, from family business ownership to art, private equity to jewellery and is tailored to your family’s needs. Take control of your assets and make your world simple and effortless.

Increasingly, many wealthy families struggle with the complexity of what they own or are responsible for. Information is dispersed and incomplete, with real consequences including risk of loss, family disagreement and wasted effort. Why? Because nobody feels in control or even has the full picture.

Now, you can manage ALL your family’s assets in one place, securely, anywhere in the world, including using your mobile device.

State-of-the-art visuals allow you to view, analyse and make decisions about your assets, from global overview to the smallest detail.

For shared family assets, you can easily identify what each family member owns enabling you to make good investment decisions and avoid conflicts.

Access can be granted to specific asset classes and data classes for different types of users.

The platform includes easy-to-use yet sophisticated tools that allow you to take charge of your assets and make decisions with confidence.

The resulting improved efficiency means that you and your team have more time to focus on growing wealth and mitigating risks.

Isn’t it time that your family had this peace of mind?

FirstWealth features include:
- Organise: Store all of your documents in an organised, easy to retrieve manner.
- Analyse: Analyse performance using predictive analytics, tools and services.
- Report: Use advanced drill-down functionality through explanatory reporting to get insights about assets.
- Notifications: Create customised alerts to monitor your assets.
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