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Get done more with Kanban & GTD®. Firetask supports you continuously from capturing your thoughts and managing your personal to-dos, to organizing your projects and focusing on your most important tasks., Firetask uniquely combines Kanban & GTD to boost your productivity to a whole new level.

# Capture: Getting It All Out Of Your Head

Free your mind for the important things in life and work by easily capturing everything in a single, trusted system.

Inbox. Quickly capture everything in your Firetask Inbox. You can easily enrich your task with notes, links and more if needed. A badge count reminds you if your Inbox is not empty.

# Clarify: Always Staying in Control

Get into the driver's seat and always work on getting your Inbox to zero by deciding what is actionable and what is not.

In Focus. If something is actionable simply put it into the "In Focus" list. In Focus lets you keep track of things you want to do today or as soon as possible. Want to do it on a specific date? Set a Start or Due date instead

# Organize: Bringing Order into Chaos

Turn chaos into order by putting your tasks into context, breaking them down if needed and neatly organizing them in projects and portfolios.

Projects & portfolios. By grouping tasks into projects you can put your tasks in a defined order and provide them with additional context. You can also organize related projects into portfolios and define checklists as reusable task list templates

# Reflect: Keeping Your System Up-to-Date

Weekly reviews ensure that your system stays up-to-date empowering you to achieve more by making informed decisions and focusing on the right things.

Kanban. Firetask combines GTD with Kanban in a unique way providing you with unparalleled, clear overviews for reflecting on your tasks. Supported boards are organized by Status, by Categories, by Due and by Start date and by Priorities -- with drag & drop support for fast changes

# Engage: Achieving More By Improving Focus

Having a clear picture on what is important here and now allows you to achieve more by helping you both focus faster and to stay in the "zone".

Today. By showing you all tasks that are "In Focus" as well as tasks that are scheduled for or due today in a single view, Firetask provides you with the big picture on what to focus on today. If you are using the Pomodoro Technique you can even enable a Pomodoro timer for helping you staying focused

# Key Features

- Intuitive GTD Workflow. Easy, logical navigation based on the major GTD phases: Collect (Capture), Focus, Manage, and Review
- Clear Today View. One overview across all your due, scheduled and in focus tasks (in-progress and completed today optional)
- Pomodoro® Technique. Configurable support for Pomodoro task estimation with in focus Pomodoros count and Pomodoro timer
- Waiting For List. A GTD list for managing all your delegated tasks in one place - practically grouped by assignee
- Multiple Kanban Views. Drag & drop Kanban views by status, due and start dates, priorities, and categories
- Calendar visualization. Practical Dates view shows monthly calendar overview of your tasks (with due and scheduled modes)
- Projects & Portfolios. Comprehensive support for project task lists - complete with progress visualization and optional portfolios
- Categories for Context. Unique color and icon-based approach to task and project categories for providing visually rich GTD context
- Actions and Checklists. Split complex tasks into smaller actions and save repeatedly used tasks as reusable checklists
- Today Widget & Watch App. Practical Today widget and highly focused Apple Watch app providing quick access to Inbox, Today, Upcoming, and Waiting For lists
- Integrations & API. Integrated with built-in Calendar and Reminder apps - simple URL scheme-based API
- Syncing via iCloud. Transparent syncing via Apple's iCloud - no separate account needed
- Privacy by Design. Your tasks stay on your devices and on your iCloud account only
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