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With application you will be able to bookmark moments of video for efficient content consumption.
Application suites best for educational content where it's most important to have quick navigation and review exact useful moments.
All bookmarks saved and synced to your account across devices. compatible with YouTube and Vimeo videos.
Pick a video and then paste a link to the video in
Watch, add simple or textual bookmarks and review them at any time later.

How to use
1. Copy a link to a video from YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Press Plus button on the home screen of
3. Paste the link to the video.
4. Enjoy your video and don't forget to add Fire bookmarks at the most exciting moments.
5. Easily navigate to any of your bookmarks.

We are glad for any feedback at
Application uses "Yandex SpeechKit Cloud" ( for voice recognition.
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