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Fire Brigade Knots Premium

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Fire Brigade Knots Premium

Fire Brigade Knots shows in simple pictures and a short description how to execute important knots.

The app shows the most important knots for members of the Fire Brigade or Rescue Services.

Included knots:

-Bale Sling Hitch
-Bale Sling Hitch (Lash)
-Munter Hitch
-Munter Hitch (Lash)
-Clove Hitch
-Reef Knot
-Bowline (Rescue Knot)
-Sheet Bend
-Slipped Sheet Bend
-Fisherman's Knot
-Timber Hitch
-Figure Eight

No matter if it's for training, service or on a mission in the field - this app is indispensable for real firefighters!
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