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FingerPrint Detector

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FingerPrint Detector


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Moods are important, they affect things we do. This app is very vital because it can make us aware what mood we are in! This is surely a must-have app!

This app should be in everyone's unit! Download this app now! It can really be helpful! Through online you can share your moods through your favorite social media account.

The use this app now! It's really cool and keeps many people happy any time of day. JOIN THE FINGERPRINT DETECTOR COMMUNITY TODAY!

- Scan your finger to detect the moods!
- FREE version supported by ads
- Super awesome graphics and motion
- Addicting and proven me concept
- Unlimited attempts to break your record
- Great sound effects and music
- Turn on/off music and sound effects
- Upgrade to ad-free version optional
- Available on iPhone and iPad
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