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Find Dot Pairs

After a month isolated at home with a frustrated teenager, a five year old and a toddler, I decided we needed some entertainment. 

Memory is one of my wife's favourite games, my teenager loves puzzles, my five year-old likes action, and the toddler love anything that can be squeezed or pulled, so here is a game that does all that.

There are three main game modes. ARCADE pits you against the clock to see how can solve it fastest, PUZZLE gives you all the time in the world to do the same, and ZEN shows you what is where, so you just have to sit and click away.

For the TODDLER's I've made everything interactive. Every button can be pulled and will bounce back, some can be scaled up as well, and my one-year-old is generally having a blast with it.

I've even included a small watch app for those brief moments where you idle on your own.

The core app is free, but if you want to unlock the settings and game modes I do ask that you support me a bit. 

Hope you have fun!

FYI I used the awesome Captain Icon icons for the app. Take a look at them if you need something great for your project.
Anders Munck