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Film Shots

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Film Shots

Keeping notes for your film photography has never been easier. Log and record your metadata with a single tap from Lock screen widget, Apple Watch or the main app.

Turn your notes into Exif effortlessly with either a Lightroom plugin (download from or with any other software e.g. Exiftool by copying it from exported JPEGs.

Export reports for viewing, printing and spreadsheets. Export directly into iCloud or other cloud storage.

View your shots on a map to visualise the locations.

No complex setup is required, just open the app, create a roll and start recording. Film Shots will quickly learn your preferences and let you setting up new rolls in seconds.

* Record Exif metadata for your shots with a single tap from lock screen, Apple Watch or main app
* Supports roll films and sheet film holders
* Quickly learns your favourite settings and helps you setting new rolls and sets with autocomplete
* Comes with lots of preloaded camera and film data
* Edit Exif metadata of individual shots if needed
* Take reference pictures to help you identifying the negatives when they are back from the lab
* Track your rolls' workflow statuses: Active, Exposed, In Lab, Processed, Digitised, Archived. * * Special 'Inactive' status to remove currently unused rolls from lock screen
* Filter your rolls by any combination of Workflow statuses to only see what you need at the moment
* Export Exif metadata of rolls and sets for viewing, printing and spreadsheet import
* See your shots on the map with annotations
* Import directly into Lightroom in a non destructive manner for processing and export
* Automatic backup and synchronization across Apple mobile and wearable devices via iCloud.

For Large format users:
* 'Set of holders' groups your holders by theme
* Quickly record frames with either default or customer settings
* Edit exposure and emulsions/iso per frame
* App remembers what holders have been used with what emulsion/ISO and prefills it the next time

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