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FIGR Training

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FIGR Training

The FIGR Training app combines effective workout programming, community support and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your physical fitness goals, increase your energy levels, and develop the confidence you’ve always wanted. For both men and women, and regardless of your fitness level, equipment availability or goals, FIGR has a program for you!

Nothing compares to the community you’ll become a part of! Joining the #FIGRfam will help hold you accountable to your goals, get you inspired by each other’s success, and ultimately help you continue to improve and succeed along your fitness journey.

At FIGR (Fit Is Getting Real), we help people worldwide raise their own standards. We are a community of REAL men and women that strive daily to put in the REAL effort that produces REAL results. Discover your power every time you workout with the FIGR app.

Side effects of joining the FIGR fam include unmatched self-confidence, personal growth, significant improvement in your daily energy levels, and the development of sustainable healthy habits you can use to continue to improve yourself for years to come.

We are NOT about quick fixes, shortcuts, or fads that regularly plague the fitness industry. FIGR helps you get fit and stay fit. Get motivated and stay motivated. In short, the FIGR app gets you in the game and helps you stay in the game.

Help us change the way the fitness industry does fitness by downloading the FIGR app today.

-Choose the workout program that best suits your goals, fitness level and equipment availability
-Feel the power of the FIGR fam by interacting with other members within the community support group
-Develop healthy habits through our habit coaching feature
-Set health and fitness goals and track your progress towards them daily
-Track workouts and stay committed by beating your personal bests
-Video instruction and modifications for every movement
-Get push notification reminders for scheduled workouts and activities
-Sync MyFitnessPal to integrate nutrition tracking within your FIGR app
-Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (healthkit), Fitbit and Withings to sync body stats instantly
-View your daily to do list and progress immediately upon opening your app
-Earn achievement badges for hitting milestones along your fitness journey
-Record notes on every workout
-Track body measurements and take progress photos
-Message trainers for one on one support and motivation in real-time
-Participate in challenges

Download the FIGR app today!