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Fifty Shades of Color

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Fifty Shades of Color

A very simple game that will challenge you to think both with both sides of your brain.

“Surprisingly difficult” ~ The guys who made it.

• Simple Rules
• Intuitive Controls (Just Swipe)
• Difficult to master
• Dozens of unique levels to play
• Beautiful, colorful, minimalist design.

How to Play:
• Swipe YOUR block to combine blocks and mix colors
• Each swipe mixes two colors into a new color (50% the first block, 50% the second block)
• Mix colors in the correct sequence to obtain the desired color as designated by the level
• Don’t mix in the incorrect sequence or you will be stuck with a color that will never mix into the right color

Apple Watch Version:
• Same gameplay, different controls
• Tap nearby blocks to mix colors (Instead of Swiping like on your iPhone)
• Unique levels that aren’t featured in the iPhone/iPad version

Super simple, surprisingly challenging.