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Feng Shui Face Reading Map

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Feng Shui Face Reading Map

Face-reading is the art of reading a person’s personality and character from their facial features. Chinese have combined the features of one’s face with Chinese fortune telling.

According to ancient texts, they are deals with the principles of the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

With this application you can do the same thing with the help of the Machine Learning Model. For this you must give permission to take photos in your mobile phone.

For this was used a dataset which comprised a total of 5000 images of the female celebrities from all around the globe which are categorized according to their face-shape namely: Heart, Oblong, Oval, Round and Square. Each category consists of 1000 images.

The aim of this app is to classify an individual’s face into certain face shapes and this classification to be used to recommend/suggest sunglasses, eyewear frames and other such products.
Also there are glasses types recommended according to face shapes in the iWatch application.

Privacy Policies:
This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Feng Shui Face Reading Map App. By "The App" in the following paragraphs is meant "Feng Shui Face Reading Map App" application.
(i) The App is a photo editor that allows users to edit portraits based on neural network technology that automatically generates highly realistic facial transformations.
(ii) This application is not a Permission App that collect user or usage data. Consent for the collection, even if such data is considered to be anonymous at the time of or immediately following collection must secured by the application user.
(iii) This application can not be used for any paid functionality.The End User of this application is responsible to not be dependent on or require a user to not be grant access to this data. The End User of this application must also provide any one with an easily accessible and understandable way to delete any taken image consent.
(iv) The App does not use any third-party cloud providers.
(v) The App does not uploads to the cloud or store in your cellular phone the photographs that you specifically select for editing.
(vi) This application respect the user’s permission settings and not attempt to manipulate, trick, or force people to consent to unnecessary data access.
(vii) Photographs you provide when you use the App, via your camera or camera roll (if you have granted us permission to access your camera or camera roll), the app do not collect your photo albums even if you grant us your access to them. This means that the only device that can view the photo is the device from which the photograph was uploaded using the App – the user’s device.
(viii) Photographs are temporarily cached during the editing process. Photographs remain in the cache until take another picture or get a new one from the library or re start the application for a limited period.
(ix) We do not use the photographs you provide when you use the App for any reason other than to provide you with the portrait editing functionality of the App.
(x) Images are edited locally on your device, so you don’t provide us with videos or images when you use the App, and we don’t collect, use and share your video information.
(xi) This application will be use Google AdMob which collect, share, and/or use data collected via AdMob's services.

If you have any questions about our privacy and terms of use practices, please visit :
If you have any questions about location privacy and terms of use practices, please visit
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