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Feeday for Instagram

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Feeday for Instagram

Feeday is the easiest way to browse and share Instagram feed from widgets screen.

Finally you can create custom feed on Instagram!

Widgets screen:
• Browse Instagram feed from widgets screen.
• Tap photo to open in Instagram. No loss of time!
• Multiple layouts: until 9 posts per time.
• One-hand only: looks your feed when holding a coffee, no need to unlock your device.
• Send a post to your friends directly from widget screens. (WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage and Email).

iMessage app:
• Send and receive an Instagram post in one-tap via iMessage.
• Watch the post directly in the chat and open in Instagram.

You need to add People and Tags from Home screen to see their feed in widgets screen and in iMessage app.
Mark as favorites the people you most care about and find them in a different section.

Feeday don't show posts of private accounts.
Feeday don't show posts as Instagram timeline.


"This app makes checking Instagram on iOS a lot easier"
– TheNextWeb

"With this new app you can see your Instagram photo feed quickly and effortlessly."
– AppAdvice

"Feeday is a simple, but excellent, Notification Center widget that lets you covertly check Instagram without ever opening the app."
– Cult of Mac

"Feeday is an Instagram client that makes clever use of iOS notification center widgets."
– Mashable

"I check Instagram habitually. At this point, it’s almost an unconscious habit. That’s why Feeday is so interesting to me."
– Gizmodo

"Do you find it annoying when you log into Instagram and your feed automatically updates itself, leaving you to miss out on previous posts? If Instagram is one of your favorite apps and you don’t want to miss out, Feeday is here to help."
– Por Homme
Arcangelo Fiore