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FCB Socis

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FCB Socis

*************************************** FC BARCELONA OFFICIAL DIGITAL PRODUCT ***************************************

If you are an FC Barcelona member download the new Official FCB Members App and

always stay connected to your Club.

You can communicate with the Club via CHAT and the OAB ‘T’Escoltem’ (We Listen

to You) channel.

If you are a season ticket holding member, the new app gives you access to the stadium

via your Digital Payment Pass.

You can also follow the latest Club news and follow the sports you wish to follow –

football, basketball, handball handball, roller hockey, futsal.

The application allows you to:
• Enter the Stadium with your Digital Payment Pass
• Join the Camp Nou Experience with your Digital Membership Card
• Converse vía chat with the Club
• Replay to various polls.
• Send any doubts or questions directly to the OAB via the ‘T’Escoltem’ (We Listen to You) channel
• Choose the sports you wish to follow – football, basketball, handball, roller hockey, futsal.
• Connect to all the Official FC Barcelona APPS.
• Buy match tickets for football and the sections

Don’t miss a single detail of the Barça world!

Download now and enjoy the advantages of being a member

Important: this application requires an internet connection