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FastSkipper consists of sets of devices for a sportsman and a coach.
The sportsman's device is a set of sensors that are easily installed on the boat during training and collect telemetric data about it. The collected data is instantly transmitted to the coach's device.

The coach's device is a set that is attached to the boat and keeps in touch with the sportsman's boat at a distance of up to several kilometers. Information about the water area and individual boats of sportsmen is transmitted to this device without any delay.

The coach's set also includes a wind sensor and a computer with which the necessary data is reproduced. Relying on FastSkipper, sportsmen and coaches get a rare opportunity to reproduce the entire training session in a special player and get training reports of each yachtsman.

FastSkipper devices are easily mounted and are not exposed to aggressive external environments, for example, sea water. Likewise, they have a high impact-resistant potential. Moreover, the intuitive interface of FastSkipper allows you to use it both on a professional and amateur level, as the principles of its operation can be mastered intuitively.