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FastRecorder audio recording

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FastRecorder audio recording

FastRecorder - is an audio recorder application with advanced and simple features of recording voice memos, on-site sounds and everything around you. The main feature is that FastRecorder supported on Apple Watch and can be called directly from your customized clock face.

*The most easiest and simple UI to make quick audio recording, which can help you out at the right moment.

*You can create recording at your meeting, lectures, presentations or any many other places.

*FastRecorder work on Apple Watch, quickest way to record any sound directly on your hand. Also you can just call it from your clock face and begin recording only by just one tap on your watch clock face.

*3D Touch support, just start recording with deeper tap on the screen.

*You can easily add and use all features of FastRecorder as widget on Search screen, even when iPhone locked.

***And this all are 100% FREE. Not sure that it will be free always)))

FastRecorder perfect for lectures, meetings, conferences, interviews, debriefings, brainstorming, quick notes, To-Do lists, planning, and more.
Awesome for work, school and daily life.

Please let us know your feedback. We very appreciate it and will do our best to answer for all your request and suggestions.
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Artem Iakovliev