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Fastingisu is a fasting tracker, that is a useful tool for intermittent fasting.


- change start date date of the fast - useful if you have forgotten to press the start fasting button or if you pressed it too late

- change expected time of fasting (in hours)

- display of calculated end time of fasting - so that you know the exact time when fasting ends

- planning the fasting: you can "start" fasting, change the start date to a date in the future, set the length of the fast, and you can see how much time is left until the start of the fast

- display of fasting data inside of iOS today widget

- display of time that has passed since start of fasting inside of Apple Watch app

- display of remaining time (in hours) and of total fasting time passed (in percent) inside of Apple Watch complications

- save fasting sessions to local database (Core Data), view saved fasting sessions and delete them from the database

- showing local notifications that occur once planned fasting time has been reached

- ability to sync fasting status via iCloud among various iOS devices: for example start fasting on iPhone and observe the status on iPad
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