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Fast Climber

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Fast Climber

Fast Climber is the best climbing app in the app store!

Using Fast Climber you are able to record and log your climbs by difficulty, date and route name. It uses your phone's sensors to determine your position off the ground and your heart rate when you are climbing with apple watch. Fast Climber brings most up-to-date information in live-graphs to your phone or watch while you climb and produces rich statistical information about your climb once you are done. When you go back to review your climbs days or even weeks later you are able to edit route name and review data recorded for that run to see if you made any technical improvement since.

Fast Climber App integrates with the Health app

*****Built for iPhone 6 and up*****
- Due to hardware and software restrictions Fast Climber currently is not compatible with iPhones 5s or below

Feel free to leave us any suggestions or things you would like to see in the upcoming updates under your five-star ratings or by contacting developer at , Thank you for checking out this app.
Mikhail Amshei