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Fast Calc

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Fast Calc

Electrical cable calculator & range of electricians calculators on iPhone

√ Cable Calculator*

√ Solar Energy output calculator

√ Lux Level calculator

√ kW to Amps calculator

√ 3 phase voltdrop calculator

√ Pfc calculator

√ BTU to watts calculator

√ Resistance calculator Ω

√ Amps to VA calculation

√ kW to kVA calculation

* Calculates voltage drop, percent drop, load and suggests a minimum cable size. Cables include,
- Twin and earth
- FP cable
- Up to 400m SWA 2/4/&4 core PVC
- Up to 400m SWA 2/4/&4 core XPLE
- Tri Rated (H05/7/V2-K)

- Instant results with no requirement for an internet connection
- Results are saved to history tape
- Copy results to pasteboard
- Easy to use
- No internet connection required

******* Also available on Mac *********