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Fast BP

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Fast BP

* The fastest way to save a blood pressure measurement and see your weekly statistics! *

Fast BP is a blood pressure and heart rate tracker for Apple Health. Note that this app cannot measure your blood pressure - please use a blood pressure monitor recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

Other blood pressure tracking apps make you painstakingly spin a dial to select tiny numbers. With Fast BP, just tap the large numbers on the keypad and tap save - we automatically move you from systolic to diastolic to pulse. With our Fast Focus entering your measurement can be as simple as 8 taps!

Fast BP provides an overview of your measurements as weekly averages (since blood pressure readings often vary throughout the day). You can also enable color highlights to see patterns in your measurements from week to week.

Keeping track of your blood pressure is a great habit for your health, and Fast BP can remind you to measure your blood pressure daily.

Using Fast BP you can email measurements from the last month or year to your doctor. Also with your blood pressure readings in Apple Health, you may enable other apps to use and share that data with your healthcare professionals.

Main features:
- Quickly save your blood pressure and pulse to Apple Health
- Weekly averages of blood pressure with configurable color highlights
- Reminders to take your blood pressure daily
- Share measurements with email (in HTML table and CSV formats)
- Save measurements using your Apple Watch

Fast BP is intended as a tool to keep track of and share blood pressure measurements utilizing Apple Health. Any health related information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for the advice, diagnosis, or treatment of healthcare professionals. Fast BP is not a substitute for a doctor or healthcare professional and cannot measure blood pressure.
Christion Richert